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Q - What is Wind and Hail Insurance? (Sandy K.)

A - Wind is usually a covered peril in any homeowners or property policy. The only time it is not is when it is specifically excluded due to the property being located inside the SC or NC "Wind Pool". (Hurricane prone areas) The wind pool is an area designated by the state where insurance companies can exclude wind damage coverage from a property policy, and the insured can purchase a separate "wind" policy through the state to cover for possible wind or hurricane damage. This policy is sold through youR current insurance agent. As an example, in Horry County, sc, the boundary for the wind pool is any property located on the East side of Hwy 31. You can check to see if your property is located in the wind pool by going to www.SCWind.com.

Q - Where exactly are the zones for wind and hail insurance?

A - The "Wind Pool" here in SC was expanded in 2007. This is done on the recommendation of the Department of Insurance, but must be approved by the State Legislature. Previously in Horry County, the line ran along Hwy 17 Business. This line was moved from Hwy 17 business to the intracoastal waterway. So currently, Wind Pool Zone 1 in Horry county runs from the Intracoastal Waterway to the ocean. Zone 2 runs from the Waterway to Highway 31. In Horry county, insurance companies can exclude wind from a property insurance policy if the property is located inside Zone 1 or Zone 2 of the wind pool. You can check to see if your property is in the wind pool by going to the above state website and checking your eligbility, or by calling my office. (843) 249-6317 ~ Scott

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