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Moving Tips

Homeowners Insurance Moving Tips

Moving all of your possessions across town or across the country without misplacing or damaging something isn't easy. You can help avoid breaking or losing your possessions by following this moving checklist:

One Month Before

Take a full inventory of all your belongings.

Collect important papers (medical records, insurance policies, financial documents) and put them in a safe, accessible place.

If necessary, make travel arrangements and hotel reservations.

Use up as much food in the freezer as possible.

Call your us for details about your coverage during the move.

Call a mover if you're not handling the move yourself. If you are doing it yourself, reserve a rental truck.

Get boxes for packing. Check the classified section for used boxes (often sold by people who have just moved).

Three Weeks Before

Start packing! Set a goal for the number of boxes you want packed each day.

If you have items to sell and have the time, hold a garage sale.

Two Weeks Before

Send a change of address notification to the post office.

Ask your family doctor to recommend colleagues located in the area where you're moving.

Transfer your bank accounts.

Drain gasoline from any tools or machinery you're moving.

Contact your realtor to discuss the buyer's plans to move in.

One Day Before

Clean the house and appliances.

Pack the personal items you'll need during the move.

If you're handling the move yourself, pick up the rental truck and moving blankets.

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