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Q - For flood insurance, what is the critera for X and Preferred X?   The cost diffence is substantial.

A - The flood zone designated as "X" is actually the only preferred flood zone that I am aware of. If your property is located in an "X" zone, it is considered at lower risk for flooding and therefore the premium is much cheaper.

If in an "X" zone, you can purchase flood insurance without any further documentation. Your agent should be able to do a flood zone determination if you are not sure what zone your property is in. If it turns out that it is in a zone other than "X" such as "A", "AE", or "VE", you will need a surveyor to complete an elevation certificate in order to get an accurate quote on flood insurance.

3 things to remember:

  • Flood insurance is offered through the National Flood Insurance Program and should be the same price through any agent, provided it is rated correctly.   Always deal with an agent who writes a lot of flood insurance. They will know the process and will be able to advise you correctly.

  • 35 to 40% of all flood claims come from "X" flood zones! Just because someone is in an "X" zone does not mean they do not need flood insurance.

  • Flood is not covered by homeowners insurance. So, plan accordingly. ~ Scott

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