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Q - I work for a agency that assists youth ages 16 to 21 with education and employment. My supervisor has made statements that if the kids can't get to our office we will have to go get them and bring them in. Can my employer require me to transport clients in my personal vehicle? What is my liability if I am in an accident? Can I lose my insurance Coverage? Can I be sued civily? My employer only reimburses .40 cents per mile when I travel.

A - Lisa,
I am licensed in SC & NC and can't be sure regarding the laws in the state of MO. However, in general, coverage usually follows the vehicle, not the driver. Meaning, if you are in your car, your insurance would be the one paying if you were in an accident. Your employer might have "employee non-owned" insurance on his commercial policy that would pay in the situation that you described but it is really there to protect him should he be sued. I would recommend calling your agent and letting him / her advise you specifically for your state.

~ Scott

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